#WWIM10 — 10.4.14

On Saturday, I attended the #WWIM10 bright and early at 6:30am—ironically not very bright that day since it was drizzling throughout the entire morning. The fog hovered over Manhattan and got more dense as the rainclouds settled in. We all met up underneath Gantry State Plaza Park's PepsiCola sign and eventually hide underneath the nearby scaffolding to avoid the rain and meet all our fellow Instagrammers. 

Dave (@dave.krugman) and Jose (@jnsilva) finally rallied the troops for a group photo and we were off! Photographers walked around in search of interesting subjects and it got tough not to take the same shots as other photographers when there were over 70 of us in the same park.

I met too many talented individuals; all of whom had a more developed style of photography than myself (which I discovered upon adding them on Instagram). Some highlights include:

  • Learning how to take a #puddlegram with @neivy and @erickhercules 
  • Playing around with smartphones flash and umbrellas
  • Balancing on the loose rock piles by the East River
  • Meeting a fisherman
  • Climbing the Gantries...

#WWIM10 was my first instameet and definitely not my last. I highly recommend attending since it's empowering to exercise your skills in a judgment-free environment and make some new friends along the way.