I have always been early—to rise, to school, to work. I was fortunate enough to be elected as president during my Junior year at Baruch—a year earlier than previous Presidents in the chapter and my peers in other universities. Managing 10 executive board members and 61 brothers has been a fulfilling, thrilling, and trying experience. From dealing with conflicts between brothers to resolving bureaucratic inconveniences with Baruch College's Student Life, I learned two valuable lesson on sympathy and patience.

Since I pledged 3 years ago, I had filled many roles—some assigned and some I sought out. I filled the role of recruitment chair for our 2nd class of Alpha Kappa Psi hopefuls as a Freshman and planned out two weeks of professional events where I shared with potential members how our organization will benefit their college years and propel their careers. As a Fundraising Director in my Sophomore year, I ambitiously coordinated a team to find local venues to advertise for. We made mutually lucrative relationships for recurring sponsors like Schnipper’s, Moe’s Southwest Grill, and Jamba Juice. The most impactful role came during my Junior year as President where I implemented new processes that helped the chapter make informed, objective decisions and shared my vision of a chapter as a community that invested back into their members and looked out for one another.

Coming back to Baruch on the first day of my senior year was bittersweet, I sat in our old clubroom on the 3rd floor of the Vertical Campus, and a brother comes in  and joins me—bright-eyed, full of energy just like when he was a potential member. A transfer student stops by our doorway and looks on the signage outside our room and asks, “Is this Alpha Kappa Psi?” Just as I stand up to greet our guest, that same bright-eyed brother swooped in and warmly welcomed the transfer student, extolling how Alpha Kappa Psi builds great business professionals. I realized at that moment, the processes that the previous leaders and myself had put in place had worked. 

I’m currently working at Squarespace and working on a few side projects—furthering my professional career. I’m happiest impacting others’ lives. Balancing my academic and work careers has filled up most of my schedule. I'm unable to be as present as I was before. However, my brothers have become my family and I make time for family.