DUMBO Arts Festival: Day III

Attended the last day of the DUMBO Arts Festival, an amalgamation of live music, food trucks, interactive art activities, and most importantly—art. 

We passed by a few temporary outdoor projects:  Reflection / Kolonihavehus by Tom Fruin and CoreAct. Which I admit makes more sense to be seen in all its splendor in the evening. 

A very full house—Reflection / Kolonihavehus in the late afternoon.

Reflection / Kolonihavehus (Source: dumboartsfestival.com)

SEI: Stella Octangula by CHiKA was tucked away in the underpass. 

SEI :Stella Octangula filled with the attendees. 

SEI: Stella Octangula (Source: dumboartsfestival.com)

Overambitious abstract art found their message not as warmly received by the audience. You could tell which artists consistently produced great artwork by the crowds that gathered around the work and the commentary that ensured. 

It's a tough field to be in—but every time I encountered a work of art that made me think about issues larger than myself I was amazed how these artists perceive the world completely different from us.