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3 Charismatic YouTubers to Subscribe to

A portion of my job is to find personalities that exude passion and in doing so when they talk about something they love, they're able to communicate to convince you to love it as well. There's a handful of content creators on YouTube that have caught my attention. Enjoy!

1. Drawfee

Nathan Yaffe and Caldwell Tanner take viewer suggestions and make dumber drawings. They're talented, seasoned illustrators at CollegeHumor and generally, very sorry. 

2. Sorted

Ben, Jamie, Barry, and Mike make up Sorted Food, a half bro-out, half cooking show.

3. Markiplier

High-octane (just like the teddy bear in the thumbnail) and the least bit self-conscious, Markiplier entertains his viewers with walkthroughs of horror and indie games.