Day 5 — Risotto

Being in the vicinity of Tuscany and Northern Italy means making polenta, gnocchi, and risotto. I set out to look up some Risotto recipes and I settled on a chicken, spinach, and broccoli risotto. Risotto is actually quite simple to make—often times people over complicate the process.

  1. MEAT & VEG—In one pan, sauté vegetables and meats of your liking—I chose spinach, broccoli, and chicken breast.
  2. RICE—In another pot, fry off some arborio rice in olive oil until it turns a creamy translucent.
  3. ALCOHOL—Add white wine and stir vigorously. Let the alcohol absorb and cook into the rice to create a creamy consistency. Add salt and pepper and taste. 
  4. STOCK—Then pour a ladle of chicken stock (or vegetable stock and stir. Let the rice absorb the stock and reduce into the same thick creamy consistency. Repeat until the rice is cooked. You can check by tasting. Add more salt and pepper if you didn't add enough before.
  5. GARNISH—Remove the pot from the heat. Add and stir in your sautéed vegetables and meats. Grate your parmesan into it. Add a few knobs and butter to make the risotto even silkier. 

Jamie Oliver, one of my favorite chefs studied under italian cooking under Gennaro Contaldo. Here is his basic risotto recipe