Day 3 & 4 — Pisa & Lucca

Pisa, home to a quaint city that boasts the famous Leaning Tower of Pisa felt like a dream to us. From the moment the rain subsided and the sun came out, we knew that we were in a special place. Pisa like most Italian cities has a Baptistry, a Cathedral, and a cemetery. We got to experience the glorious gilded ceilings of the Duomo and great view from the top of the Tower. We walked around the winding roads to find the University of Pisa, a splendid garden hidden away from the public eye in someone’s backyard, and a modern mural tucked away behind an apartment.

On the train to Lucca, we bumped into a local who kindly directed us under, through, and finally over the walls of Lucca (Le Mura di Lucca) where the sun began to set. We walked along the walls passing by a brightly-lit restaurant. After walking along a narrow waterway that ran through the city, we passed by an arc and into the heart of the city—a thriving, lively bazaar of shops, markets, restaurants, and bars. We entered a couple of the churches here that were open for service. They appeared more modestly decorated. Lucca’s charm definitely came from it’s walls. Its walls held its secrets and protect Lucca from the outside. I felt blessed I had the opportunity to hear its secrets and walk its walls.