Rolodecks / Hellodex / 

make a program that gently suggests you to contact your close friends, coworkers, family. 


You can set recurring reminders for certain people in your life, to catch up with them. 

Looks at contacts how you're related, workplace, school, etc. 

Randomly select your chosen amount of people you want to reach out to within the day. 

Gather contacts from: 

  • Facebook
  • Gmail
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • Phonebook contacts
  • phone, text, calendar 


Piggybank / vault / heap / salt / stash / squirrel

Budgeting tool measures all expenditure by day by week and by month

Let's you know how much disposable income you haves
Location based advertising:
- remind people when they are nearby do they spend or save
On top: disposable income available today/this week:
- "you are near _______ coffeeshop"
- "do you want to pick up coffee today or save?" ($2.00)

Analyze information on salary