Cheap Eat Guides

Cheap Spots (Source: Select Study Abroad)
EBY’S, 5r via dell’Oriuolo-this street exits off of the back of the Duomo)
This was the first place I went to in Florence and remained one of my favorites until the end. It is run by this wonderful man named Eby who makes the best fresh fruit drinks you will ever have (they are worth the wait – as he is usually the only one there making them). He also sells really good burritos that are super cheap and hit the spot after a day of walking and site seeing. They are not exactly what we think of when we think of burritos, but I promise, they are delicious!

Antico Noè or, simply, The Sandwich Shop, Volta San Piero 6/r (this is a little street/alley under the San Pierino arch.)
This place is a staple for all the American students in Florence. Five Euros will buy you the most delicious sandwich of your life. It is especially exciting for the students because they have hard to find foods like turkey. It is literally a little hole in the wall in an alley literally around the corner from Eby’s. They have since added a little Osteria right next to the sandwich shop that many Italian frequent so it might be good too! It is run by a huge, beefy guy in a tight t-shirt. Don’t be scared. Just order.

Shawarma (There are literally hundreds.)
There are shawarma/falafel places all over Florence. When I was first there in 2002 there was only one, now you can’t walk ten feet without hitting one. They generally stay open late, often 24-hours, so they are ideal if you are eating on a slightly “un-Italian” time schedule. They offer an assortment of filling and inexpensive items, including huge shawarma “things” (I say “thing” because they throw all kinds of crazy stuff in there like French fries).

Pugi, Piazza S. Marco, 10
This is a pizza place right in San Marco Piazza. It is the best “to go” pizza in the city if you ask me and, understandably, it is always packed. You go in (there is no seating), take a number (there is a little number dispenser to the left when you walk in), when it’s your turn just point at what you want (ideally the thing that just came out of the oven), and they will cut it right there and weigh it. It is really worth braving the crowd, I promise. After you pay, take it out to one of the benches in the piazza and eat in the sun. Try the “schiaciata” (said skia-chata). It is like focaccia but specific to Florence. Amazing!

Gustapanino, WAS: Via dei Michelozzi 13r but now it is right around the corner, directly on Piazza Santo Spirito (just follow the American students).
This little hole-in-the-wall is an important staple for budgeting students and anyone who loves food. Three or four Euros will buy you a delicious panino or piadina (one is a sandwich the other more of a wrap) full of fresh, traditional Italian ingredients like olive pesto, pecorino, truffle cream, sun-dried tomatoes and a variety of cured meats. No seating but a gorgeous, sunny piazza (complete with gurgling fountain) awaits you.

Medium Price:
Osteria Santo Spirito, Piazza Santo Spirito 6/r
This restaurant is medium price-wise but is one of my absolute favorites. It is in the same piazza as Gustopanino (#5 above) on the other side of the Arno, which makes it much less busy. They have wonderful outdoor seating and a nice menu that is a little different from your run of the mill Italian trattoria (I highly highly recommend the gnocchi in truffle oil. It will change your life.) The best thing about this place is that they are often open at times that other places are not. If you are eating at an odd hour try this place first. (**TIP** Anything before 8pm is a bit early for Italians.)

Osteria di Benci, Via de’ Benci 13r, right near Santa Croce, 055 2344923
This place has some really unique and delicious pasta dishes with nice outdoor seating and tons of room if you are a bigger group. It’s a young and fun environment and surprisingly it is able to keep a nice mix of tourists and locals. Just to be safe, make a reservation.

Trattoria Quattro (4) Leoni, Via de’ Vellutini, 1-red. 055 218562
One of my favorites! So so delicious, but also very very popular. You will have to make a reservation. It’s not too pricey and has lots of very traditional Italian and Florentine specialties. Try their artichoke antipasto and the pear ravioli with pomegranates and asparagus. Then follow it with the cheesecake! YUM! (Note: this one is a little hidden in the back streets so check the map closely.)

Pizzeria Antica Porta, Via Senese, 23. 055 220527
Hands down the best pizza I had…ever…in my ENTIRE life. It is a bit of a walk but oh my lord, so worth it (you could easily call a cab too). All the cheese is brought up from the south (where the best cheeses are from). You must try the burrata, a kind of mushy flavorful mozzarella that they throw on right after the pizza comes out of the oven. You will never be the same again, I promise.

- See more at: http://selectstudyabroad.com/2010/01/florence-food/#sthash.PQ2SxP9g.dpuf

Shopping List 

Supermarkets in Florence


  • Detergent
  • plastic cups
  • febreeze
  • paper towels
  • plastic wrap/cling film for leftovers
  • plastic containers for leftovers
  • plastic forks/spoons/knives
  • toilet paper

pantry staple

  • pasta/rice/bread
  • onion
  • garlic
  • salt/pepper
  • olive oil

Additional staple

  • pecorino/parmesan
  • eggs
  • basil/sage
  • Boxed wine 

breads + charcuterie + cheese 

  • salami
  • bosciola
  • prosciutto
  • parmesan
  • mozzarella
  • pecorino romano
  • gruyere/comte


  • carbonara = eggs, bacon, pasta, oil, salt, pepper, onion
  • bolognese = tomato, ground beef, onion, carrot, peppers, salt/pepper, parmesano
  • pesto = asparagus/brocoli, basil, pine nuts, garlic, olive oil, salt, pepper, pecorino romano


  • hash brown
  • mash potato
  • roasted potatoes
  • potatoes au gratin


risotto =  arborio rice, olive oil, salt, pepper, chicken stock, (white wine)
  • mushrooms, chicken, parsley, cheese
  • basil, broccoli, spinach, cheese
  • sausage, sage, peppers, cheese